Iranian refugee needs your help

I’ve just read this on an email from the NCADC.

I’m reaching out to everyone asking for your support. My brother, Arash (Abuoali) Mohajernejad has been arrested and detained in Oakington Immigration Removal Centre in England awaiting a decision on either granting him asylum or deporting him back to Iran.

Arash a member of Global Student Alliance (GSA) was arrested in London on Thursday 21st August 2008. The reason for his arrest based on the information received from Mr. Mohajerinejad’s attorney, is a mix-up over his name. His Iranian passport lists him as Abuoali Mohajerinejad, however various documents he has used since moving to the UK show his name as Arash Mohajerinejad. Arash came to the UK seeking political asylum due to the work he has done on the student movement in Iran-a movement in which his brother, Gholemreza Mohajerinejad, has been involved heavily over the past 15 years.

The Mohajerinejad family in Iran has endured harassment by the Islamic Republic because of the political work of both Arash and Gholamreza. Arash (Abuoali) Moharajenejad was also jailed before he left Iran because of his work within the student movement.

During his time in London Arash (Abuoali) Mohajerinejad has continued his political work for a democratic free Iran by supporting the student movement and working against the current Islamic Republic regime in Iran.

If he is deported back to the Islamic Republic he will face certain imprisonment, torture, and possibly death. He is 26 years old, and during his time in the UK he has worked very hard so that he was not a drain on the country he very much respected as his new home.

The petition to free Arash had 200 signatures when I signed it this morning – it now has over 300. Sign it here.

And read Alan Johnson who reminds us that, in all the controversy over Iran’s nuclear programme, we shouldn’t forget the human cost of this regime.

3 Responses to “Iranian refugee needs your help”

  1. modernityblog Says:

    Harry’s Place has been attacked, and is functioning from a backup blog,

  2. maxdunbar Says:

    Modernity – I’ve read HP and done an update to the Cushman post. I can still see Harry’s Place. Any further developments?

  3. modernityblog Says:

    ops, Max, I should read slower, not yet, will update when I know more.

    cheers 🙂

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